Explore The Labyrinth Of Love With Fro$ty’s STARTED // OVER EP

Explore the Labyrinth of Love with Fro$ty's STARTED // OVER EP

Set your ears on a heartfelt adventure with Fro$ty‘s STARTED // OVER EP. At only 25, R&B artist Fro$ty, with the help of John Concepcion, Elijah Thomas, and Zetta Miguel, paints a vivid picture of love’s roller-coaster. The Fro$ty STARTED // OVER EP is your ticket to the highs and lows of romance, carrying you through the sweet and sour moments that define our journey in search of love.

Each tune is a peek into the different phases of a romantic relationship, making you feel the euphoria and the blues that come with love. The collaboration in this EP brings a fresh perspective to the table, making the narrative even more engaging. With the Fro$ty STARTED // OVER EP, you’re not just humming along; you’re getting a front-row seat to the myriad emotions that love stirs up.

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