Infinity Song’s ‘Metamorphosis’ EP | Roc Nation’s Viral Journey Continues

Infinity Song’s ‘Metamorphosis’ EP

The ‘Metamorphosis’ EP from Infinity Song is more than just a musical treat. Coming from the heart of Roc Nation, this soft rock sibling band is making waves yet again. With a viral hit like “Haters Anthem” under their belt, they know the beat that gets the world tapping along. Their rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” is a fresh take that hints at the rich musical vibes they bring in ‘Metamorphosis’.

The EP is a testimony of not only their talent but the bonds that keep them harmonizing perfectly. From the humble beginnings in Detroit to the bustling rhythm of New York City, their music has been a thrilling ride. The playful “Haters Anthem” music video is a fun peek into their journey, and with the support of Jay-Z, they’re set to be the new melody-makers on the block. When you hit play on Infinity Song’s ‘Metamorphosis’ EP, you’re not just listening to tunes, you’re part of a passionate musical saga.

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