OTE Rojo – “Empty Soul”

OTE Rojo has caught our attention for his fresh album, “Empty Soul”. “Empty Soul” is an impressive album from OTE Rojo that showcases his versatility and range as an artist. With a diverse collection of tracks that blend various hip-hop styles, the album takes listeners on a journey through OTE Rojo’s musical world. The production…

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Coming out of New Orleans’ vibrant music scene, DAMAG3 has caught our attention for their latest song, the heavy hitter “BIG SMOKE”, featuring NOIR BENNY and UNDERRATED ARTIST SEASON. The latest banger from the multi-talented DAMAG3, “BIG SMOKE” ripples with an intense, rebellious energy, made even sharper with the barbs thrown by lyricists DAMAG3 and…

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Sir Louie brings the vibrancy with ‘Made To Love’

Montreal artist Sir Louie has shared a new project, Made To Love, which caught our attention for its vibrant sound and immaculate vibes. Tyrus “Sir Louie” Facey, is a charismatic performer with a sound that reflects his passion for strength, love, and spirituality. Through his music, this talented freestyler and natural storyteller hopes to spread his message and inspire others….

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Kate Peytavin Unveils New Single "Killing Time" - A Haunting Melody

Kate Peytavin Unveils New Single “Killing Time” – A Haunting Melody

Kate Peytavin, the rising star in alternative-pop, has just dropped her latest single, “Killing Time.” Released through Capitol Records and S10 Entertainment, this track showcases Kate’s unique sound. “Killing Time” is a haunting, introspective song that delves into the complexities of a push-and-pull relationship. Kate’s captivating vocals take center stage, echoing with a sense of…

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Unleash the Emotional Surge with 'Bad Stars by Small Miracles'

Unleash the Emotional Surge with ‘Bad Stars’ by Small Miracles | New Wave Hit

‘Bad Stars’ by Small Miracles Dive into the poetic resonance of ‘Bad Stars’, the latest single by Small Miracles, the Cardiff-based New Wave sensation. Released on 19th October through Dirty Carrot Records, ‘Bad Stars’ unfurls a more polished and melodious soundscape, marking a sonorous departure from their previous gritty tunes like ‘Mercury’ and ‘ExtraTerrestrial’. This…

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