Buppy. – ‘local favorites’

Buppy. has shared a new EP, titled local favorites. A potent collection of genre-bending, heartfelt songs that pays tribute to his upbringing in his Utah hometown- local favorites is a reflective, honest, and cathartic listen, merged with airtight songwriting and character-rich atmospherics. His latest, local favorites, harnesses and distills his potent storytelling abilities and infectious, emotive songwriting with a project that takes a hold of the listener from the get-go and refuses to let go. Laced with soaring melodies, vibrant instrumentation, and vulnerable lyricism- Buppy. sets an expansive sonic stage with his latest offering, local favorites. From the hypnotic, atmospheric instrumentation and infectious vocal melodies of opener “parade” to the bittersweet elegance and passionate narratives of “love is temporary”, local favorites is full of memorable moments.

20-year-old Utah native Buppy. tells his own coming of age story while exploring a vast world of genres. Using music production as a therapeutic outlet, Buppy. began composing and writing original songs at the young age of 12. Since then, his key focus has been on lyrical content, where a listener can find themself stepping into Buppy.’s world of vulnerability; becoming familiar with his raw and honest storytelling ability. Take a listen to Buppy.’s latest, the poignant, captivating local favorites, here now.

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