HoodTrophy Bino – “HoodTrophy” (Album)

Explosive Los Angeles-based rapper HoodTrophy Bino releases HoodTrophy, the full-length album. From his gritty early mixtapes to collaborating with some of his biggest idols, Bino’s journey from the streets of South Central LA to the bright lights of unfolding success is intensely personal—a life lived on the edge. This is the essence of HoodTrophy Bino, a testament to the enduring spirit of hip hop.

HoodTrophy reflects on his life story while addressing recent incidents of racial profiling against his loved ones and exploring themes that resonate deeply with his fans. Breaking free from the shackles of gang life and poverty, Bino has stayed authentic while blazing a new trail.

Lead single and video, “Storytime” featuring Peso Peso, weaves feverishly fast piano undercurrents with a dark, menacing flow, unraveling a tale of survival while other tracks feature heavyweights Kalan.frfr, Mozzy, Mike Jay, Peso Peso, and Risktaker, in an 11-track project that cements Bino’s place in the hip-hop pantheon.

HoodTrophy comes at the heels of Bino’s documentary Breaking the Generational Curse, which has has already taken home an impressive 11 awards in the film festival circuit so far, and kicks off his tour with Haiti Babii.

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