Sir Louie brings the vibrancy with ‘Made To Love’

Montreal artist Sir Louie has shared a new project, Made To Love, which caught our attention for its vibrant sound and immaculate vibes. Tyrus “Sir Louie” Facey, is a charismatic performer with a sound that reflects his passion for strength, love, and spirituality. Through his music, this talented freestyler and natural storyteller hopes to spread his message and inspire others. Sir Louie has made a name for himself and gained popularity with songs such as “Optional”, “Dear Hiphop”, and “Timbs” (ft. Flamenco Sketch), the latter of which features a feel-good video and a vibrant performance by both artists. Now, he returns with a fresh project titled Made To Love that finds the talented artist bridging gaps between hip-hop, house, UK garage, and more, in a refreshing, character-rich fashion.

Press play on Made To Love, and you’re immediately transported into a colorful, vivid word of sound. Louie’s style is dynamic and exciting on the project, while he hits you with a variety of flavors ranging from hip-hop to house to R&B and more. With an ability to both spit sharp bars and sing smooth melodies, he entices the listener by leaving few dull moments, with a versatility that stands out across Made To Love‘s tracklist. We particularly enjoyed the energetic “Optional”, with its focused, potent lines from Louie as well as engaging production. “FLEX” hits hard as well, while Louie at the flip of a coin shows he can balance out ethereal, atmospheric sounds as well with “Wannamove”. Made To Love is a well put together project that showcases many sides of the artist, demonstrating sharp songwriting, sonic versatility, and an ability to connect with his listeners through vibrant, emotive energies.

Take a listen to Sir Louie’s latest offering Made To Love, and connect with him on social media platforms for updates while you’re at it as well.

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