Coming out of New Orleans’ vibrant music scene, DAMAG3 has caught our attention for their latest song, the heavy hitter “BIG SMOKE”, featuring NOIR BENNY and UNDERRATED ARTIST SEASON. The latest banger from the multi-talented DAMAG3, “BIG SMOKE” ripples with an intense, rebellious energy, made even sharper with the barbs thrown by lyricists DAMAG3 and NOIR BENNY. With political undertones that give the song extra potency, “BIG SMOKE” is a powerful track that stands out for its blend of hip-hop, punk, and alternative rock sounds.

Immense production built around hard-edged guitars and a punchy, urgent rhythm section creates a suitable backdrop for DAMAG3 and NOIR BENNY to deliver their hard-hitting lyricism. DAMAG3’s raw, energetic delivery merges well with NOIR BENNY’s more baritone flow, as the two demonstrate kinetic chemistry atop the raucous production. Capped off by a memorable hook that adds catchiness to the track, “BIG SMOKE” is a trunk-knocking, teeth-baring new single that captivates with its off-the-wall energy.

DAMAG3 has been on a prolific run of late, collaborating extensively with the likes of Hidden Renaissance and OJ Mountain, while also dropping memorable solo singles like “CONS3QU3NC3S”. As they continue to carve their own path for their heavy, eclectic sound, their growth and development as an artist continues to excite. Take a listen to DAMAG3’s latest song “BIG SMOKE”, featuring NOIR BENNY and UNDERRATED ARTIST SEASON, here now.

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