Shaynah And Tiffany Gouché Share New Single “Let That Go”

Shaynah And Tiffany Gouché Share New Single “Let That Go”

Rotterdam musician Shaynah is once again captivating the music scene with her latest single, “Let That Go”, a mesmerising R&B/neo-soul track that features Grammy-nominated artist Tiffany Gouché. This release comes as Shaynah’s upcoming EP, NAKED, nears its highly anticipated debut. The EP marks the third and final chapter of Shaynah’s complete album, Chapter 22, set to be released at the top of next year.

Born into a world of melodies and harmonies, Shaynah’s musical journey was ignited by her accomplished musician parents, who served as her guiding lights. She is not only a talented singer and songwriter but has also delved into music production, creating enchanting melodies for theatrical performances and musicals. Additionally, Shaynah has taken on acting roles in various plays, establishing herself as a pure creative at heart.

Shaynah’s previous release and NAKED’s first single, “Fair Play”, received critical acclaim earlier this year, setting the stage for the release of “Let That Go”. This new track is set to sweep listeners off their feet with its sultry harmonies, groovy beats and a heartfelt message that encourages breaking free from dating norms and embracing love’s unpredictable journey.

With influences harkening back to the golden era of R&B in the ’90s and ’00s, “Let That Go” is an anthem that will resonate with fans of artists such as Brandy, Victoria Monét and India Shawn. The song’s production is a testament to Shaynah’s multifaceted talent, as she skilfully produced the track herself.

In Shaynah’s own words, “‘Let That Go’ is my second self-produced single (of the final EP, NAKED, of my Chapter 22 trilogy) speaking on love, loss and finding my adult self through it all. Joined by Tiffany Gouché, ‘Let That Go’ delves into the interplay between the dream world and reality, our unspoken thoughts versus our spoken words. Tiffany and I navigate the unspoken expectations in dating or meeting new people, embracing the ambiguity as we explore what we truly desire while trying to stay relaxed and going with the flow.” 

With a creative spirit as vast as Shaynah’s, the future of music is certainly bright. “Let That Go” is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music scene and become a staple for anyone seeking an authentic R&B experience. “Let That Go” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms:

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