R. City’s Mixtape Drill Music: “This Is Not A Drill…This Is Really Happening!”

This Is Not A Drill...This Is Really Happening!

R. City is at it again, bringing a fresh vibe to the music scene with their latest mixtape, “This Is Not A Drill…This Is Really Happening!” Known for their innovative blend of hip hop, pop, and Caribbean beats, this time they’re venturing into the electrifying world of UK drill. This 13-track collection is a robust meld of Island rhythms and UK drill fervor, creating an audacious sound that’s both exciting and new. Amidst the thumping beat of 808s and the rich tropical ambiance, R. City’s unique flow transitions boldly into the drill scene, whilst keeping the soul of their Virgin Islands homeland alive.

Each track is a testament to R. City’s innovative spirit, pushing musical boundaries yet again. The title makes a promise – the long-awaited music is here and it’s real. Dive into this mixtape and experience the evolving musical journey of R. City.

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