Explore the Musical Odyssey: BoyWithUke’s “Lucid Dreams” Album Unveiled


BoyWithUke’s “Lucid Dreams” Album

Platinum-Certified maestro BoyWithUke drops his latest album “Lucid Dreams”, a blend of alternative, pop, and electronic vibes, narrating his journey through melodies. The album got its spotlight with the single “Migraine” performed on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!, showcasing the artist’s evolution.

Tracks like “Trauma” and “Problematic” are where BoyWithUke bares his soul, resonating with millions globally. With nearly 8 million Spotify streams and a buzzing YouTube presence, the artist delves into self-discovery through his tunes. The album, released under Mercury Records/Republic Records, is now available for your auditory pleasure. Tune into the epic narrative spun by BoyWithUke in “Lucid Dreams” and get ready to traverse through the realms of self-reflection, desires, and musical ecstasy.

This album isn’t just a collection of songs, it’s BoyWithUke opening up his world for listeners, one beat at a time.

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