Carneyval Drops New Banger “Who’s That” With Floyd Fuji


Carneyval Drops New Banger “Who’s That” With Floyd Fuji

Carneyval and Floyd Fuji team up again, delivering the much-awaited single “Who’s That.” Released through Astralwerks, this track promises to be the life of any party. Remember their 2020 hit “Gelato”? The duo’s synergy in “Who’s That” takes it up a notch. With a mix of rhythmic beats and soulful arrangements, it’s undeniable: this is your next favorite jam. Carneyval has hinted at how seamlessly they work, producing magic in the studio every time. And Floyd? His vocals add that perfect touch. The track isn’t just about great music; it tells a story, one that resonates with many.

If you’re looking to expand your hip hop playlist, Carneyval’s “Who’s That” featuring Floyd Fuji is a must-add. Dive into the world of impeccable beats and smooth collaborations.

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