Bocar shares refreshing Afropop single, “FREE”

Bocar has dropped off a new song called “FREE”, featuring KRUMPYBLAZE. For the prolific artist of Senegalese and French descent, it seems that melodies come naturally to him, as he displays an organic, emotive delivery atop the vibrant production of “FREE”. With a refreshing, atmospheric Afropop sound- “FREE” makes for the perfect Fall anthem, something that could be played at house parties or just while taking a brisk walk around the city. It’s a versatile track that finds Bocar in his lane and in the pocket, as he delivers sharply-crafted, infectious verses and a cathartic hook that suit the track’s breezy feel. 

The poignant Afropop single feels as “FREE” as its titled, with dynamic, atmospheric sonics and warm, refreshing vocals to go with it. It’s a song that reflects Bocar’s focus as a songwriter, with catchy melodies and detailed, colorful production choices. “FREE” makes for an engaging addition to his burgeoning discography and further showcases why Bocar is a rising Afropop artist worth paying attention to. Give “FREE” a listen below.

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