New Visuals Alert: JasonMartin’s “Don’t Stop (Baby Baby) 2222” ft. Kaytranada & Tank

JasonMartin’s Don’t Stop (Baby Baby) 2222 ft. Kaytranada & Tank

JasonMartin’s “Don’t Stop (Baby Baby) 2222

Delve into the fresh journey of JasonMartin, formerly known as Problem, as he unveils the first segment of his ambitious project, “A Compton Story,” slated for release on 11-3-23. The first installment is packed with a stellar roster featuring industry bigwigs like Diddy, Childish Gambino, Schoolboy Q, and more, marking a significant chapter in JasonMartin’s evolving narrative.

The spotlight shines bright on the new single and video “Don’t Stop (Baby Baby) 2222” in collaboration with Kaytranada and Tank, adding a vibrant beat to the unfolding story. Kaytranada takes the production reins, weaving a catchy rhythm that’s sure to hook listeners and keep them yearning for more. JasonMartin doesn’t just stop at the music; he’s also showcasing his prowess as a multi-faceted artist, entrepreneur, and filmmaker with the release of “A Compton Story” film.

This transition from Problem to JasonMartin isn’t just a name change; it’s a herald to a new era of creativity and a deeper dive into his roots, bringing closer the streets of Compton to the world. The narrative doesn’t end here; a second installment is already on the horizon with a release date set for 11-10-23, promising more collaborations and an extended peek into JasonMartin’s world. While awaiting the second installment, fans can indulge in the melodies of “Don’t Stop (Baby Baby) 2222” and explore the layered narrative of “A Compton Story” first chapter. The transition, the music, and the storytelling encapsulate a trailblazing venture for JasonMartin as he steps further into the spotlight, shedding the old skin for a more authentic resonance. With a blend of seasoned and fresh faces in the lineup, “A Compton Story” is setting the stage for a riveting narrative that intertwines music, life, and the essence of Compton.

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