Surf Mesa’s “Come True” EP: A New Wave of Dreamy Melodies

Surf Mesa's "Come True" EP: A New Wave of Dreamy Melodies

Step into the world of electronic music with Surf Mesa‘s “Come True” EP, a compilation that’s already creating waves in the industry. Available via Astralwerks, this EP is not just a set of tracks, but a musical journey showcasing Surf Mesa’s innovative style. The EP includes the energizing ‘Fighting For You’ featuring Whethan and WILHELM, and the serene ‘Angels Hold Me’ with SUPER-Hi. Each track in the

“Come True” EP is a unique narrative, blending different genres and emotions. From the moment of its release, Surf Mesa’s EP has been a sensation, resonating with fans worldwide. With collaborations from a diverse range of artists like Griff Clawson and Nat Dunn, ‘Come True’ is more than an EP – it’s a milestone in Surf Mesa’s career. As a follow-up to his 2x Platinum hit ‘ily (i love you baby)’, the ‘Come True EP’ further establishes Surf Mesa as a trailblazer in the music scene.

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