Mali Haf’s ‘Jig-So’ EP: A New Wave of Celtic Pop

Mali Haf's 'Jig-So' EP

Get ready to groove with Mali Haf‘s ‘Jig-So’ EP, a fresh mix of Celtic vibes and modern pop beats, dropping some serious tunes on Côsh Records. Mali’s taking bold steps in her music journey, blending folky melodies with electronic pop that’s both poetic and punchy. ‘Jig-So’ isn’t just an album title; it’s the soundtrack to a fulfilling life, a blend of art, music, and personal growth for a young artist in Wales.

‘Boudicca’, the lead single, brings to life the spirit of a warrior queen with a backdrop of moody British winter landscapes. It’s more than music; it’s an invitation to dance, to stand up for community values, and to embrace the wild side of life. So, get ready to hit play and let Mali Haf’s ‘Jig-So’ EP take you on a journey through a modern-day Celtic dance party.

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