Jerome Whitaker Teases EP “Impact 2” With Diss Track “Pistol Primadonna”

It’s been awhile since hip-hop received a R&B diss track. Detroit, Michigan’s very own Jerome Whitaker hits our site today to take aim at any negative energies surrounding his career with “Pistol Primadonna ” When asked the story behind the song he replies, “ I am reflecting on being unappreciated and overlooked by supporters. Also family, past significant others , haters and im even dissing myself. I really let my feelings out on this. It is a single from my upcoming EP ‘Impact 2’ and it even has a remix version with Krizpy boi on the feature and the official studio album version. I wanted to represent Detroit as I did downtown at the fox theatre stating I can sell out a show by myself & Comerica park as a past date. It’s historic as well because Drake’s diss song ‘Back To Back” was the World Series concept so I took from that and  I wanted to represent being the best mainstream artist out opting back and forth from singing and rapping.”

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