The Ian Moore Shares Engaging New Song “Highs and Lows” ft. Danny G

The Ian Moore has shared a new single, titled “Highs and Lows”, featuring danny G. St. Louis artist The Ian Moore first began creating music as a form of therapy and a way of dealing with grief, after the passing of his older brother and grandfather just a few months apart. For Moore, it is a method of healing, but also an outlet to express his creative needs and ideas, with the hopes of inspiring others who have gone through dark periods to overcome and follow their dreams. The versatile St. Louis artist continues to expand into new territory with each release, cohesively blending genres like hip-hop, indie, folk, pop, and more. With a prolific catalogue of eclectic releases, Moore has been showcasing his skills as both a melodic vocalist and rapper, with songs like “GODLIKE” taking on a raw hip hop tone with hard-hitting, sharp lyricism, and tracks such as “Bonfire” bringing a softer more indie pop and folk leaning sound to the table.

For his latest song, titled “Highs and Lows”, he connects with danny G for an emotive song that touches on experiencing extreme low points in your life, and being able to pull yourself back from that feeling, to reach a point where you are at the top of the world. It’s a relatable new cut that features heartfelt performances from The Ian Moore and danny G, backed by engaging instrumentation. Atop warm, breezy guitar layers and an infectious rhythm section, the two artists shine with sleek, character-rich vocals.

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