Star2 x ChinaTown Runner x LerMuDex – “Spoil U”

The second single from the Star2 x ChinaTown Runner’s upcoming EP From the Jungle to the Streets, “Spoil U” captivates listeners with its fluid production, lush acoustic riffs, and an infectious hook that anchors the track. Rappers Star2, ChinaTown Runner, and LerMuDex light up the track and weave together a narrative of indulgent romance inspired by a getaway on the sea. Opulent accents of piano, sparkling harmonies, and crisp, assertive rhymes combine to create an unforgettable anthem that lingers long after the last note fades.

Star2 is a refugee artist from the Mae La refugee camp in Thailand. His new documentary, RETURN TO KAWTHOOLEI: A Refugee Rapper’s Journey to His Homeland in Burma, has received over 5 film festival awards, including “Best Short Documentary” at the Malaysian Film Festival, “Best Documentary” at the Busan New Wave Short Film Festival in S. Korea, “Best Web and Media” at the IndieX Film Fest in LA, and “Exceptional Merit in Docu-drama Short & Human Spirit” at the Documentaries Without Borders Film Festival to name a few.

2 thoughts on “Star2 x ChinaTown Runner x LerMuDex – “Spoil U”

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