Producer & Songwriter, ROWA, releases “Sweet Nothings”

Singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist ROWA, has released the music video for her ethereal new single “Sweet Nothings,” today. ROWA’s captivating vocals alongside the visual accompaniment to “Sweet Nothings,” takes the viewer along the journey of reclaiming one’s power after an unsettling breakup. Kicking off in a smoggy Los Angeles setting, “Sweet Nothings” showcases ROWA’s eclectic taste and creative abilities, having produced the entire song herself.

Throughout the video, ROWA takes us along an elaborated version of a “day in the life,” as she cruises around Downtown Los Angeles in a vintage truck sipping on an iced coffee. Fast forward and you step into her home, where ROWA rejoices in her feminine allure with the help of her witchy friends, and even finds herself dripping with fruit on a dinner table. Elaborate movie magic aside, ROWA shares a depiction and vulnerable viewpoint into her inner world. Sharing her internal process of overcoming heartbreak, but in the end revitalizing herself with a happy ending; doing what she does best, making music.

Speaking to that vulnerability, “Sweet Nothings” was originally meant to be recorded as a single on a live studio album, but ROWA eventually realized that the private investor behind said project desired to control her entire career. In an act of resilience, ROWA dropped the album deal and moved to Los Angeles to take things into her own hands and learn about music production. Now, a few years later, “Sweet Nothings” is finally being released all under ROWA’s own creative control. A motown-inspired orchestral sample gives the track a sophisticated and nostalgic edge, while seamlessly being paired with four on the floor drums accompanied by live tracked congas in the intricate percussion section. The lyrics behind “Sweet Nothings” show the intricacy of love affairs and how they often turn from sweet to sour. ROWA uses the metaphors of sweet treats, like honey and cake, to describe the early stages of a love affair hence the title “Sweet Nothings” – a term to describe affectionate words between lovers. However in this song ROWA shares her frustrations of falling out of the “honeymoon stage” showcasing that often when one falls quickly in love they often fall just as hard out of it.

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