Meego Daigotti Has a Turnaround Story for The Books

Have you ever heard the phrase ”this one is for the books”. Where Meego is concerned that’s exactly true. The young entrepreneur turned author has a story that is jaw dropping to process. Meego Daigotti was facing 99 years to life in prison when he became an author telling his story as motivation to the next generation and the streetz. Could u imagine throwing away the rest of your life in your early 20’s to such a long sentencing? Meego tells us “I prayed and told myself, if God allowed me to see the light of day as a free man again. I would do something meaningful with my life”. Today Meego is a father, leading by example. He is a songwriter, singing his pain. An author, telling his story and a business owner. Creating generational wealth by flipping cars. His new single “Dat Yea Yea” is out on all digital platforms. Along with other great songs to ride to. His music does not shy away from poverty, struggle, pain and balling as he flipped his street life into boss motion. 

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Media contact: Rocki Patrice 334-559-5494 @rocki_the_goat

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