MC Jonny T Launches Organix Media Group, LLC and Hip Hop Organix

Organix Media, LLC dba Hip Hop Organix is a California-based hybrid media group, record label, podcast production, and creator’s collective established by former Universal Music Group executive MC Jonny T. As the name suggests, Hip Hop Organix celebrates all of the elements of Hip Hop culture. Uniquely, the group holds a “size-inclusive” outlook and has created a platform where the under-served plus-size community can be celebrated and included in mainstream multimedia releases in prominent roles produced in part or wholly by the Hip Hop Organix. Effective immediately, music releases will be digitally distributed by The Orchard, a Sony Music Entertainment company as well as with a separate partnership with independent label Soulspazm.

Through extensively developed strategic partnerships and a global reach, Hip Hop Organix has the ability to raise awareness about its artists’ releases with enlisted marketing teams, relationships with blogs, and PR personnel.

Currently included in the collective are multi-platinum rap legend Positive K, DJ and producer Madd Scientist, songwriter/producer Lyric Richardson, plus-size model Glow, plus-size female rapper Barbie La Vie, and founding member and recording artist MC Jonny T.

Visit the company website for the latest news and releases. or


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