Mass Benji: The Soulful Street Rapper

Born and raised in the heart of Wake Forest, NC, Mass Benji’s love for music began at a tender age, shaped by the diverse influences of his family. Growing up, his grandmother’s oldies Goldie’s tunes filled his soul with a unique charm that would later infuse his music with timeless melodies. His mother’s penchant for R&B legends like Erykah Badu, Mary J. Blige, and R. Kelly instilled in him a deep appreciation for soulful vocals and emotional connections in music. Meanwhile, from his father, he inherited the gritty realities of life on the streets, resonating with the powerful messages of rap icons like Tupac and Biggie.

Mass Benji’s musical journey started early, showcasing his talents even before his pre-K graduation by performing “My Girl” by The Temptations. This early exposure to the stage ignited a passion for performing and sharing his art with others. However, his motivations run deeper than just entertainment.

Driven by a burning desire to bring positive change to the people around him and instill hope in his neighborhood, Mass Benji sees music as a powerful tool to uplift and inspire. Music became more than a hobby; it became his calling to make a difference in the lives of those he touches.

What’s more intriguing is Mass Benji’s lineage, connecting him to the music industry’s roots. Through his great grandfather on his mom’s side, he is related to the legendary David Ruffin, adding a touch of music royalty to his already impressive story. Additionally, he hails from a family with several uncles who have been involved in various gospel groups, making music a familiar and cherished art form in his household.

In 2016, Mass Benji witnessed the rise of two of his cousins who were already making music and producing videos. This experience, coupled with his inherent talent and passion, made the decision to dive into the world of music a no-brainer.

In 2021, Mass Benji took his passion and determination to the next level by establishing his own label, “Circle of Winners.” The name itself reflects his vision to surround himself with like-minded individuals, uplifting each other to achieve greatness and create a positive impact on their community.

With a soulful, street-inspired sound, Mass Benji brings a unique blend of raw emotions, storytelling, and uplifting messages to his music. His journey is one of evolution, driven by a love for music, a desire for change, and a commitment to being a beacon of hope for his neighborhood and beyond. Mass Benji is more than a rapper; he’s a voice for his generation and a force for positive transformation in the world.

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