Make Believe Love’s “Reality TV” – Smart, Satire and Deep AF

In a world fueled by the addictive allure of reality TV and the constant buzz around pop culture icons like Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian, rising artist and his band Make Believe Love delivers a sharp-witted commentary wrapped in the catchy melodies of “Reality TV.”

This genre-bending artist doesn’t just break norms; he shatters them with his latest release, crafting a perfect sarcastic sitcom TV theme song that cleverly unravels the narrative of unrequited love using the names of actual reality TV shows.

“Reality TV” isn’t your conventional love song; it’s a biting satire that takes a jab at societal obsessions while narrating a story of love lost. Make Believe Love infuses deadpan humour and smart wit into his lyrics, creating a magnetic pull for anyone with an appetite for sharp, sarcastic commentary. The song’s brilliance lies in its ability to mask the narrative of unreciprocated affection with references to reality shows, effortlessly poking fun at the absurdity of these cultural phenomena.

For listeners fond of smart, witty humour, “Reality TV” becomes the perfect anthem. Whether you’re a reality TV enthusiast or not, the song transcends boundaries, offering a tongue-in-cheek take on love and societal distractions. Make Believe Love’s ability to intertwine cultural references with introspective themes sets this track apart, making it a must-listen for those who appreciate clever satire.

Stream the most entertaining song of 2023 now!

3 thoughts on “Make Believe Love’s “Reality TV” – Smart, Satire and Deep AF

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