Lemzi – “Outliers” – A Creative Project by Lemzi

“It’s not a mixtape or an LP. It’s not a playlist or an EP.  It’s a CP”
With an authentic, expressive and experimental approach, artist Lemzi has made ‘Outliers – A Creative Project by Lemzi’. The Creative Project (CP) is one that dives into feelings of fragility, freedom, joy, and the balance between them all. Organically put together over the last couple of years, Lemzi and his collaborators lean on R&B, hip-hop, garage and ambient influences as he takes us on a personal and musical journey. Not constricted to just music, the project also features conversations and narratives that really make you feel the music that little bit more.
“It’s a concoction of pandemic times, relationship grievances, finding forms of mindfulness, serendipitous meetings and alternative, creative ways of expression.” – Lemzi
Chapter 1: Polluted Mind, Lemzi shows his vulnerability with ‘The Slump’, depicting the lowest moments of his career so far, giving a raw and honest insight into his own mental state and direction. The second track, ‘BILL DIS.!?’, showcases his talents in the dying art of lyrical storytelling through hip-hop and the final track, ‘Gemini Spirit’, shows him in a slower pace, with a much more emotive feel as he dances between a lustful exchange with a partner, then juxtaposed to the feeling of losing that significant other.
Chapter 2: Outsyde. A chapter all about enjoying your freedoms, Lemzi kicks us off with ‘Mad Journey’. A track that had been years in the making due to Covid getting in the way, the track had evolved in so many ways which results in a track that gives off something new in each moment, with the essence of two vocalists being captured incredibly. The final track on Chapter 2 ‘Liberty’ boasts an immense bouncy tempo with garage and grime influences, with the lyrical content leaving you dreaming of a life without boundaries.
Chapter 3: Reasoning. This final chapter starts with ‘Good Grief’, a track that is wrapped in personal feelings and experiences, having lost an aunt and a father-type-figure in recent years. The song features Lemzi’s grandmother, who is the family matriarch and a symbol of perseverance, wisdom and observing God – she also introduces this chapter with a candid conversation with Lemzi. The final track on this chapter, ‘Zen Pt. II’ is a meditative track, all about visualising, manifesting and working towards your own authentic self and future, bringing your version of true peace.
“’I’m very capable of creating something incredible, I know and feel that. This creative project has it in moments musically, but will standout conceptually” – Lemzi
Lemzi’s music has captured the attention of notable music and brand collaborators the world over. To date, his music has been played across BBC Radio London, HB Radio Las Vegas, and WFUV New York. Notable performances include NFL UK, Camden Assembly, and Hidden Gems LIVE: UK Tour, and collaborated with Sky News, BBC ONE, Samsung, The Guardian, and more.
Pushing boundaries and taking us on a journey throughout – Outliers isn’t a mixtape or an LP. It’s not a playlist or an EP. It’s a CP!

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