Ki Storii – “Taboo”

Ki Storii has caught our attention for her new single “Taboo”, featuring Brianna Knight. With the recent resurgence of rap queens leading the pack and ushering in a new group of rising stars, the door is open for captivating new voices to emerge.  Enter Bronx, NY artist Ki Storii, who is making the charge and consistently proving herself as one of the bubbling young acts in the female rap game. After her 2021 “Whole ‘Nother Level” single topped 100K streams on Spotify and her latest party hit “Shawty Lo” is approaching 50K, the ‘BX Baddie’ is ready to make her mark on 2023 with her new single, a spin on self-love titled “Taboo”. “Taboo” is an engaging joint that contains vibrant sonics and sharp songwriting, making it a smooth, stylish joint that is easy to keep replaying.

“Taboo” contains colorful production built around airy, sleek samples drifting above potent, infectious percussion and rich bass. The vivid tapestry of sounds provides the perfect backdrop for Ki Storii and Brianna Knight, who deliver dynamic performances that captivate with their blend of raw hip-hop verses and soulful R&B hooks. The versatile joint contains an effortless charm that makes it instantly likeable, while Ki and Knight bring sharply-crafted performances that put their songwriting and vision on display.

Take a listen to “Taboo” below and connect with Ki Storii for more while you’re at it.

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