Jacqueline’s Second Single “Time”: A Soulful Journey of Personal Triumph

Following the success of her debut single “Made It,” Jacqueline Judith (J.J.) Harp is set to release her second single, “Time,” on January 5, 2024. Continuing in the soul genre, “Time” delves into a deeply personal theme as Jacqueline shares her journey of overcoming codependency and finding fulfillment as a young woman in her 30s.

“Time” is a soulful ballad that explores the complexities of personal growth and the journey of learning to love oneself as one should. Jacqueline’s emotive vocals and authentic lyrics invite listeners to connect with her on a reflective and empowering journey. The song touches on the relatable theme of feeling satisfied being single, holding to one’s standards, and not over-compromising.

Key Highlights:

● Codependency and Personal Triumph: “Time” narrates Jacqueline’s personal triumph over codependency, offering a relatable narrative that resonates with listeners navigating similar experiences. Settling for relationships with men who do not treat women right is a struggle many women face, and Jacqueline’s story serves as an inspiring testament to working through these complicated struggles and emerging stronger and better than ever.

● Jacqueline’s Sonic Authority: Jacqueline emerges as a musical force, wearing multiple hats in the industry. Not only does she showcase her vocal versatility by handling lead and backup vocals on her debut single and now her second release, but she also takes on the role of producer, revealing herself as a true superwoman in music. Beyond her performance, Jacqueline is the driving force as the CEO of her label, demonstrating a rare combination of skills that define her as an industry powerhouse.

● Innovative Soundscapes: “Time’s” meticulously created beat focuses on quality, as well as maintaining a soulful vibe and sound as its crucial foundation. Though it was created with modernized equipment & softwares, it intentionally provides listeners with the unique impression that it could be something they would hear when attending a live show with actual musicians.

Collaboration Opportunities:

Jacqueline welcomes collaboration opportunities, including interviews, features, playlist inclusions, and creative partnerships. Discover how you can work with this artist to share her soulful music and inspiring story with your audience.

Contact Information

For further inquiries, please contact: Jacqueline Judith (J.J.) Harp

Phone: +1-323-843-2828 Email: jacquelinejudithofficial@gmail.com
Website: soulonfirerecords.com 🎶 Spotify Artist Profile
Connect with Jacqueline on Social Media:
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About Jacqueline:
Jacqueline is a multi-talented soulful recording artist, and the CEO and founder of Soul
On Fire Records, with a vocal range spanning over 4 octaves, exceptional dancing
skills, and expertise in music production. Her second single, “Time,” represents a deeply
personal journey of triumph over codependency and experiencing a new level of

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