HoodTrophy Bino – “drip check \ what I got on” (Video)

Los Angeles based, Stacks On Deck Money Gangrapper HoodTrophy Bino hasjust released the new video for “drip check \ what I got on” that exudes the extravagant, lush energy that is a part of Bino’s post-fame reality. Bino raps, “She said, what you got on? Oh s*** nothin’ special.” Brooding notes of piano layered beneath an industrial beat and dramatic strings create a sonic vibe as rich and decadent as the lyrics themself. 

The music video for “drip check \ what I got on” features a house party club scene with dancers where HoodTrophy Bino throws stacks of money over a crystal table. 

HoodTrophy Bino has received high acclaim from Allhiphop, Earmilk, The Source and more. He is signed to Soulja Boy’s Stacks On Deck Money Gang (S.O.D.M.G.) label and gives back to inner city schools in his free time.

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