Grammy and Juno Award-winning producer/engineer David Strickland releases his debut solo instrumental album Foundation

Grammy and Juno Award-winning producer/engineer David Strickland has released his debut solo album Foundation viaMNRK Music, a 20 track instrumental project that seamlessly blends his hip hop-fuelled musical inspirations over the years. Boasting production credits with a who’s who of rap superstars including DrakeEPMDThe ClipseDef SquadMethod ManKardinal OffishallSaukratesMaestro Fresh Wes and many more, Foundation arrives as a follow up to his last critically-acclaimed 2022 release Spirit of Hip Hop: Elements album, and its prior accompanying series, that celebrated, showcased and highlighted a wide range of North American rap icons alongside emerging Indigenous rappers. “This album represents the first time I did something musically that was just strictly by myself. No MCs or singers. Just me alone. Producer and engineer,” explains the Scarborough-born producer/engineer who has quietly worked behind the scenes for decades, producing, mixing and/or engineering records from the likes of Canadian urban music legends including Glenn LewisGhetto ConceptJelleestoneChoclair and k-os.

“I was in NYC going through beats in the studio and I was looking at the last two albums I released and the instrumental versions, and it made me think about how guys like DJ Muggs and The Alchemist have been doing instrumental albums for years. I spoke to my A&R and VP about the idea, and then locked myself in the studio and banged out and revamped a couple beats and it just all came together.” 

Strickland pays homage to his neighborhood roots on “Scarboro Forever”, and references his career sustenance on “The Journey”, but what lies at the core of the highly rhythmic, breezy and boom bap-inspired production on Foundation, is that at its core, it reminds listeners of what it takes to make a hit record – the production, which is the foundation. But the album title carries deeper layers of meaning. “Music is the foundation of any song, and I am a part of the foundation of the ‘Toronto Sound’. Any good project needs a solid foundation. And say what you want about me, but I’m a finisher. I always deliver.” Foundation delivers on all fronts, and appeals to music lovers of many stripes, as its contemporary sonic edges are rounded out nicely by its timeless classic old school musical sensibilities. 

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