G.Hall shares new single “Move Around”

G.Hall has shared a new song, called “Move Around”. As he continues to build a formidable discography and put on for his home city of Indianapolis with each release, it is hard not to be captivated by G.Hall’s journey. His new song, “Move Around”, follows up a series of potent singles and it grips the listener from the get go, as he laces the track with hypnotic flows atop atmospheric production, while throwing in melodious inflections to add to the song’s catchiness.

“Move Around” contains raw synths that build in layers atop crisp trap percussion, giving it a dynamic feel that makes for an exciting listen. As booming 808s moor the track, G.Hall enters with a charismatic delivery that splits the line between hip-hop and R&B, keeping the listener hooked and engaged with a series of memorable melodies that pair smoothly with the track’s atmospheric instrumentation.

Another solid artist coming out of Indianapolis’ rising scene, G.Hall shares “Move Around” to follow up a series of singles that reached much fanfare, and capitalizes upon his momentum with another strong drop. Give it a listen below.

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