Fresh New Picks: Prince Davinci’s “She Knows”

Welcome to our blog where we curate the future of music and scout the horizon for emerging talents. Today, we will be spotlighting an artist that stands tall in the face of the ever-evolving music scene: Bronx-born Prince Davinci, a rising star whose uniqueness and dedication shine in every verse and melody.

Prince Davinci’s music is not your run-of-the-mill R&B soul and rap; it’s “feel good” music that penetrates deeply into your senses and leaves you contemplative, reaching parts of you that most artists can’t. His work aims to revitalize genuine emotion and soul in today’s music industry – a feat that’s been slowly fading away with the upsurge of overproduced tunes.

Having spent over two years in the industry, initially behind the scenes producing, engineering, and writing for other artists, Davinci’s voice exudes authenticity and devotion. His objective take on the current music scene is reflective of his dedication. He believes that the industry is filled with superficiality, and hopes to counteract this by providing his listeners with a raw, emotive musical experience. His music isn’t just about pleasing the ears, it’s about stirring the soul.

His breakthrough didn’t come easy. Starting from being a broke college student making music in his dorm all the way to working at private label studios to then performing at the Observatory, Davinci’s journey up to this point has been filled with countless sleepless nights, a sacrifice he suggests is worth making for all budding musicians who aspire to be in his shoes. His advice? “Keep going and don’t feel mad missing out on fun working on your craft; it’ll pay off in the end.”

For an artist who prides himself on authenticity, it’s no surprise that his favorite song is one that was born out of a vulnerable state. “Ghosted”, an unreleased track, is a song Davinci holds close to his heart as it is reflective of his personal journey with relationships.

His dream collaboration, if the stars were to align, would be an album with the ingenious Kanye West, the timeless Dr. Dre, and the soulful H.E.R. This trio is a testament to Davinci’s desire for substance in his music, for each of these artists bring their own unique edge and authenticity to the table.

The creation process for Davinci’s music is an organic one. It begins in the comfort of his room where he crafts beats, humming melodies until they stick and form into coherent tunes. This process was evident in the creation of his latest track “She Knows”, a calming R&B track that hit the music platforms on April 21st.

Produced by Mojo 1of1Mojo, “She Knows” was a product of spontaneity. During a casual hangout at his friend’s place, a beat was played that struck a chord within Davinci, leading to an instant burst of melodies that formed into this beautiful composition. The standout lyric, “Moving silent at night, caught up in her own mind,” encapsulates the introspective and emotional depth that he aims to bring back to the industry.

From our perspective, Prince Davinci’s journey is more than just a musical endeavor. It is a quest to restore genuine love for music in an industry filled with duplicity. We invite you to join his musical expedition, to partake in his passion, and to feel the soulful and rap-infused R&B tunes that he expertly crafts. The music of Prince Davinci serves as a beacon of authentic emotion and real music in today’s scene, and we’re all here for it.

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